Monday, 12 May 2014

Patisserie Manicure


I'm back with my first manicure following my operation! I'm recovering very well, I feel a little sore sometimes but otherwise very comfortable.

This manicure is cheerful and sweet! I started by painting my nails pink with Barry M Rosehip, then stamped on little polka dots in white. They're not too visible in the photo but in the flesh they're just enough for a nice background pattern.

Then I added some of these water decals from Born Pretty Store. They are pâtisserie designs of a chocolate-covered strawberry, a strawberry cupcake, an opera cake and raspberries. When I lived in France I used to love buying beautiful slices of opéra cake from my local baker so it's lovely to have one on my nails! I wasn't sent these decals for review but they really are very good - colourful, detailed, opaque, adhere very well.

Can you just about see the polka dots?

I've ordered two new Moyou stamping plates as a get-well present to myself, and today I received some nail art samples to review, so hopefully I'll be back soon with more manis!


Lisa xx


  1. Cute colour and the decals are so pretty. They go well with the colour :-)

  2. I love the decals! :D Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better!

  3. I love how the polka dots are just the softest little bit of detail in the background, it really makes the decals pop :)


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