Sunday, 3 August 2014

Golden Duck Egg Manicure


It is currently 3:40am in England and I can't sleep, so here is my latest manicure :-)

OPI's The Man With The Golden Gun is my most extravagant polish purchase to date; I think I bought it with my first paycheque after graduating university. It has flakes of real 18 carat gold. As it's Summer I chose a light base colour, Blueberry Muffin by Models Own, to apply it over. The result is a speckled duck egg type of effect, but a very luxurious one!

When the Autumn comes around I'll be applying Golden Gun over a deep plum colour, and perhaps a navy ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. This looks cool! I like the OPI on the MO. I paid top price for that OPI when it came out! Eekk then I heard it was about £10 in the sales. I didn't make the same mistake with the Mariah Carey one, managed to bag it for under £10 - was well chuffed! :-)

    1. I also paid top price and feel like a bit of an idiot, so I'm determined to use it now!!! Is the Mariah Carey one silver? I loved the look of that one and might buy it if I can get it cheap like you! xx

  2. This is just lovely! Great colour combination

  3. Such a beautiful colour combination x


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