Friday, 8 August 2014

Rimmel London Space Dust ~ Luna Love


I popped into Xtras yesterday to get a new bottle of W7 Black, and while I was there I saw that they had the Rimmel London Space Dusts for £1.99! I'd drooled over them previously but since they're £3.99 at full price I talked myself out of getting them. Now I am the owner of Luna Love and Moon Walking ^_^

The Space Dust polishes are shimmering textures. Luna Love is a rich fuschia colour with a sparkling blue iridescence to it. Here are two coats with no top coat:

I'm not as crazy about this as I thought I would be, but it is growing on me the longer I have it on. I'd probably choose to wear it in the Autumn for some bright colour made a bit different by the texture.


Lisa xx


  1. This is a very pretty texured polish! I got it full price, I will need to try it soon :-)

  2. I got the purple one, can't remember the name off hand its very pretty x


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