Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Autumn Gradient Manicure


Here in England the weather is changing and Autumn seems to be setting in, so I decided to do a gradient to suit the season! I actually did the same manicure last year, but I couldn't think of a better polish combination so it's coming back out of the closet :-)

My colours are both by Seventeen at Boots and they're still on sale according to the website! Spiced Plum is a rich, glossy brown-purple and Wishing Star is a stunning shimmer. I applied Spiced Plum first then used a damp washing-up sponge to dab Wishing Star onto the tips of my nails.

You can see from the bottle that I've had Spiced Plum for a good while!


Lisa xx


  1. This looks great! I've got Wishing Star and really liked it :-)

    The weather is really getting colder up here - big day for us tomorrow :-O Need to see if it's a Yes or No vote :-|

    Did you manage to get anything from Claire's in the sale?

    1. I may just be going to Claire's today! Or definitely next week if not.

      Are you going to vote? What do you want to happen?! xx

    2. Well I voted! It will be interesting to see what happens now :-| I think a lot of us up here feel the future is very uncertain :-|


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