Saturday, 13 September 2014

Stamping and a Bargain!


Lemon Meringue by L'Oreal is another bargain I found recently at Tesco ~ it was £1.24! It's a very pale and delicate yellow, bordering on cream, and applies wonderfully. I used it as a base for some French pattern stamping using my Moyou Tourist 07 plate :-)

That's a poodle print with a cameo accent nail!

And here is Lemon Meringue on its own:



Lisa xx


  1. Oh wow another bargain! :-O This looks really pretty and delicate. And I love the stamping.

    Do you like Claire's polishes? They currently have loads for £1 and mini sets for £4 and they are buy one get one free. Got 12 yesterday for £6 :-D

    1. Ooh I never go in Claire's anymore, what a bargain! I'll have a look when I start my job next week! xx

  2. Hello, I love the manicure that you've shared with us in this post!

    I think all of the details look just great on your nails ;)

    Xx julia


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