Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Born Pretty 18 Stamping Plate ~ Leaf & Feather

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I am reviewing plate 18 from Born Pretty Store's own stamping plate collection. It has a mixture of different designs including some detailed waves & leaves and bolder feather & bamboo patterns.

For my review I decided to show you both a detailed pattern and a bold one! On the left I stamped the feathers in black over a pink-to-blue gradient; on the right I stamped the leafy design in white over a sparkling blue.

Both of the designs stamped very well, especially since the plate is so cheap to buy. You'd expect poor quality for $1.49 but it's really not! The feathers are definitely my favourite but I want to go back and try the other designs as well.

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Lisa xx

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  1. Oh nice stamping. I like what you've done :-)


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