Friday, 12 December 2014

Lace & Sparkle Manicure


Today I'm wearing a manicure that's been inspired by one of the Christmas shopping bags we sell where I work. It'd be funny if a hardcore customer could tell what shop it is from the mani!

I've been wearing the mani for a few days now because I ended up in the A&E department of hospital shortly after my last post. I'm OK but a bit precarious.

On four nails I have black lace over white, stamped using Born Pretty plate 02 which I received for review. Then on my pinky fingers I have an accent of sparkling red, which is Jade Echarpe de Seda.


Lisa xx


  1. I hope you are doing better... Your mani is very classy, and I can see you find inspiration everywhere, that's very cool ^_^ ! Please take care!

  2. This is such a beautiful manicure! I hope you are okay, though!

  3. Lovely nails :-) I hope you are better soon *hugs*


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