Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Glitter Manicure

Hello and Season's Greetings!

Today I have found my perfect glitter combination for Christmas and I'm extra pleased that they come from two low-price, UK drugstore brands!

My base glitter is the vintage gold Charm Bracelet by Seventeen at Boots, which cost me £3.99. This is a textured polish but, when smoothed out with a regular polish on top, it retains a gorgeous foily depth.

My top glitter is the limited edition Christmas Tree by Barry M. You can get it for free when you spend £6 on Barry M products at Superdrug (I bought Matt White and Silk Effects Orchid, both turning out to be great choices). It's a mix of different festive green glitters with red glitter accents, gold pieces and the occasional star! One coat gave just the sprinkle of cheer I wanted.

Manicures like this make me feel very lucky to live in the UK ~ cheers to Barry M and Seventeen!


Lisa xx

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