Thursday, 9 April 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry ~ Eat My Dust & Pit Stop


Barry M recently released their Speedy range, a collection of quick-dry polishes in really pleasant Spring shades. Tesco had a "3 for 2" offer on so I bought two shades to try, plus a replacement bottle of Rosehip from the Gelly range. It is very dangerous to a nail polish addict when your local supermarket has a cosmetics department right next to the groceries!

Eat My Dust is a pale lavender-grey and Pit Stop is a warm grey. The polishes come with a flat, wide brush which I personally prefer and they go on in two coats. To properly test the "quick-dry" claim I opened up the stopwatch on my iPod Touch and timed my Eat My Dust manicure!

The first coat took just under 2 minutes to become touch-dry. The second coat took 3 and a half minutes to become touch-dry. In total it took me around 16 minutes to paint my nails and for them to dry, including doing some clean-up with a cuticle stick as I went along.

Eat My Dust:

Pit Stop:

Since I do my nails as a hobby I don't normally keep track of how long it takes, or rush to get them done as quickly as possible. So I'll leave it to you, the much-appreciated reader, to judge if the drying times are quick enough for you! What do you reckon?


Lisa xx


  1. Pit Stop is so pretty! I'm definitely in love with that kind of hues... Well, I like to take my time when I do my nails too, but I must admit that I really, really appreciated getting a fast drying top coat! Even if it shrinks sometimes u_u. So I'm not that worried by the drying time of the color itself!

    1. I can agree with that Léa, I love my Seche Vite so much I bought a big salon refill bottle!! xx


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