Friday, 10 April 2015

Chic Flower Stamping

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


I am very happy to have some new nail art goodies from Born Pretty Store to show you! The first item that jumped out at me from the review pack was the "Chic Flower" stamping plate, and I've done two manicures to show it off ^_^

This stamping plate has 9 floral designs with delicate, romantic fine lines. The centre design is a full-nail reverse floral pattern, and I stamped it in silvery-blue over Barry M Eat My Dust to make the left-hand manicure below. I stamped a mix of the other flowers in metallic pink over Barry M Pit Stop to make the romantic manicure on the right!

I love this plate, it's very much my style! The images are nice and big and, despite the lines being so thin, they stamped very well. You could do your nails all with one design like on the left or mix them up like on the right and either way they look good (at least I like them on my nails!).

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Lisa xx

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