Thursday, 30 April 2015

Instagram Inspiration ~ Roses


I love using Instagram, both to post my own nails and to get inspired by other girls' beautiful designs. This week two users served as my inspiration for a hand-painted rose manicure - go visit ipaintnails_ and juliajor and you will see why! I've also posted photos of their inspiring rose manis further down this post ^_^

For my own manicure I did two accent nails of rose pattern, with the rest of my nails painted in Ciaté's Sweet Pea. To make the roses I took three shades of pink; I started by dotting the darkest pink on with a dotting tool, then I used a nail art brush to add highlights of the lighter pinks. Top coat sealed the nail art and glossed up my green nails.

I never normally would have tried this because my freehand nail art is terrible. However, Rachel and Julia's nails looked so pretty that I got brave and did it! My roses are nowhere near as refined as theirs (see below) but I loved wearing this mani.


Lisa xx

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