Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Misty Tree Manicure


I'm about to cut my nails short for a little while, but I had one manicure in my head that I just had to get onto my nails first! Last week I reviewed stamping plate BP-L015 from Born Pretty Store and had this extra idea using the tree branch design on the plate. So the plate was sent for review and now I'm carrying onto personal use ^_^

I started by painting my nails in my favourite pale blue, Blueberry Muffin by Models Own. I then sponged on a quick gradient using Chrome Indigo, also by Models Own, and added top coat to smooth it out. I stamped on the tree branches and ended up with a nice bold, slightly gothic look!

(check out the extra bird on my finger!)

It's great to be sent something for review which has so much potential for further use. Thanks Born Pretty!


Lisa xx


  1. This is so spooky and gorgeous, I just love!

    1. Thank you!!! I used to be a goth so it resonated with me, heehee xx


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