Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shimmering Short Nails!


I told you I was going to go short, and I did! And by a stroke of luck my first mani idea turned out really well. I have colourful, shimmering goodness to look down at; what could be more cheering?

This is a single coat of Models Own Northern Lights underneath some feather water decals. At first I was disappointed that the decals weren't opaque, but then I saw how the glitter shimmers through them. It's a captivating effect in the flesh, especially with the blue feather. An unintended success!

I thought I would dislike having newly-short nails at first, but I'm actually super happy. Change is good - I can spend some time rocking designs suited to shorter nails, and then of course they'll grow back again ^_^


Lisa xx

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