Thursday, 31 March 2016

Fun With Stamping Decals!


I've been having so much fun making stamping decals with my new MoYou workshop mat, practising with different polishes, plates, colours, styles... so much so that I have six whole manicures to show you!!

1. Vintage Floral Manicure

This is Barry M Rosehip topped with a vintage rose pattern from MoYou plate Pro 17. I coloured in the roses on my stmaping mat ^_^

2. Butterfly Wing Manicure

This uses a wing pattern from MoYou Kitty 12, coloured in with lots of different brights and applied over the sheer Essie Mademoiselle.

3. Soft Floral Manicure

This is one of my favourites! My base is Models Own Blueberry Muffin and I made silver stamping decals from my Born Pretty floral plate with lilac coloured flowers. I used matte top coat to keep the mani nice and soft.

4. Pastel Rainbow Starbucks Manicure

Just for fun while I had my stamping mat out, I made a couple of coffee cup decals! I painted my nails in a pastel skittles, applied the decal to my ring fingernail and stamped on a coffee pattern from MoYou Cookbook 05 on the rest.

5. Rainbow Starbucks Manicure

As above, but with more primary toned colours! I also coloured in the coffee cup sleeves to match the colour of the nail. The problem with this decal is that the word "coffee" is backwards... I should have tried flipping the decals over!

6. Parisian Floral Manicure

This is my manicure today! The base colour is Nicole by OPI's Sweet surrender, a beautiful bargain I found in Xtras for £2.99. On top I have the Eiffel Tower from MoYou Tourist 07 and a floral pattern from Pro 17. I really love this one.


Lisa xx

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  1. Very beautiful nails!!! I'm crazy over nails too :))


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