Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Reverse Chrome Manicure


Following on from my previous comeback post I did a new manicure in the "reverse French" style, using tip guide stickers to create that curve of colour at the base of the nail! This time I used my Models Own Colour Chromes for a futuristic look.

I painted my nails with the following polishes: Chrome Red, Chrome Olive, Chrome Turquoise, Chrome Pink and Chrome Grey. I then stuck my tip guides at the base of my nails and painted a layer of black on top.

This mani gives me unintentional Star Trek uniform vibes, and I adore Star Trek! The Colour Chromes are quite possibly my favourite Models Own collection and I just want to keep thinking up new ways to use them.


Lisa xx


  1. Oh my! This is sooo pretty. Lovely color combo and design. You really nailed it. Love it!!!

  2. Thats beautiful! So simple.


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