Saturday, 26 March 2016

Moyou London ~ Your Magic Workshop Stamping Mat Review


I haven't had the energy to blog for quite a while now, but I just had to come back with a review for Moyou's new stamping mat! I bought it for £9.00 here (along with a couple of new plates to try it out with!).

Firstly, I love stamping but have had no luck making stamping decals; every attempt has been a bit of a failure and a heartbreak for me! So I bought the Your Magic Workshop as my last hope, spurred on by Moyou's YouTube tutorial for Cath Kidston style nails.

Here is the mat in use (on top of the paint-stained art box I normally use)...

The mat seems to be made of silicon and has mapped-out areas for polish mixing and nail outlines to help get your decals right. In the photo I've painted a clear polish onto the mat, left it a short while, stamped my designs on top and used a nail art brush (I bought a whole set from Poundland, you don't need to splash out) to paint on the floral details as shown in the YouTube tutorial. After this photo I used tweezers to lift the decals from the mat and stick them onto my nails. I used a mixture of the tweezers, a wooden cuticle stick and cotton buds soaked in remover to neaten my nails. Top coat finished my mani.

So far I've done two manicures using the mat and this technique. Here they are!

I am super-happy to have achieved these manis at this stage, since they're really only a practise. They're not perfect but I can now easily see what the issues are - I needed to use a proper white stamping polish for the Cath Kidston nails so they were more opaque, and I need to experiment with clear nail polishes to see which ones work best.

I've already got ideas for two new manicures and am currently trying to decide which to do first! This stamping mat will keep me busy for a while, I can see it ^_^


Lisa xx

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