Saturday, 10 June 2017

All About Me!


I had the idea to write a little bit about myself, in a question format that other bloggers can copy if they want! 5 questions about yourself, 5 questions about your nails. There's a manicure at the end ^_^


1. What is your name?

Lisa, nice to e-meet you!

2. Where do you live?

With my family in North East England. It's where I get my blog name - people from where I live are called Geordies!

3. Do you have any pets?

We have a cat called Vienna. We adopted her from a shelter in 2010, and she's about 10 years old now. We love her to pieces and she is spoilt rotten.

4. What are your other hobbies or passions?

Cross stitching, knitting, playing The Sims 2 and watching Masterchef Australia and Star Trek! I'm a big fan of Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan.

5. Have you travelled?

I've been to France a few times and even lived there for a year. I've also been to Lake Garda in Italy, Bruges in Belgium and Barcelona in Spain. I would like to go to New York and back to France.

6. How did you get into doing your nails?

I tried my hand at nail art when I was a teenager but gave it up for a while. Then, 6 years ago, I noticed the display of Seventeen nail polishes in a local Boots store. The colours were beautiful and I fell in love again!

7. How did you get into nail blogging?

I bought my first holographic nail polish - Blue by Glitter Gal - and I was so in love with it that I wanted to tell the world! I set up my blog, calling it Happy Nails. I was naïve about blogging and didn't think to check the name, which was already taken. A while later I wised up and went for the more original Geordie Nails :-)

8. What is your favourite nail polish shade?

I love pale, pale blues. Blueberry Muffin by Models Own and In De-Nile by Color Club are just beautiful.

9. What is your favourite nail art technique?

Stamping. I'm not talented at freehand nail art and get really antsy when my nails aren't perfect, so stamping is great for getting a precise pattern or image onto my nails. I also love having glitter tips and using water decals!

10. What has been your proudest nail blogger moment?

Being named a Brand Ambassador for Charlies Nail Art is up there. I was a happy customer to begin with and they're a fantastic, genuine UK nail art shop that I'm very proud to support. Also having 3000 followers on Instagram makes me feel like I'm doing a tiny little thing right in my life.


OK, now for the manicure! We just had our General Election here in the UK and Labour did much better than expected. I support them so, as celebration, I did a red rose manicure!

P.S. Supporters of other parties are most welcome on my page, no hard feelings here ^_^


Lisa xx

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