Friday, 3 February 2012

Another Bargain Haul :-)


First of all, apologies for my sporadic posting as of late ~ I've just started back at uni for second semester. As I've been ill with stress since September it's really daunting, but so far I'm managing to do work and attend classes, and I'm proud of myself :-)

This bargain haul comes, of course, from my favourite "barrow", but also from my local pharmacy! Here it is:

From the barrow are 5 £1.99 finds:

Sally Hansen nail growth solution ~ my nails grow really well anyway but wanted to give them a helping hand!
Sally Hansen Dry Kwik top coat ~ I usually like to take time over my nails but it's hard when you're in a rush for uni and you're trying to put tights on with a fresh mani!
Sally Hansen Super Shine top coat
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 'Love in Bloom' ~ a sweet shimmery rose
Revlon 'Rock' ~ a cool purple crème

And at my pharmacy, I found 2 amazing glitters!  It's one of those outmoded pharmacies where they cram as many random products into their tiny shop as possible, and they have a Laura Paige cosmetics stand.  I remember my mam letting me get an unfashionable, chalky pink Laura Paige polish when I was 9!  Normally nothing on the stand catches my eye, but then I saw these glitters ^_^

Laura Paige 'Diamond Amethyst' ~ a mix of purple-based micro glitter and larger holo glitter
Laura Paige 'Diamond Opal' ~ seems to be blue and silver glitter.

I have on Diamond Amethyst and it's amazing, can't wait to try the others!



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