Monday, 20 February 2012

A Little Diary & Velvet Lace Nails


Firstly, a little personal note... I have started a diet!  I'm finding this a big thing to admit on my blog but I've crossed the line between overweight and obese, and need to do something about it.  I'm doing it on my own but am using the WeightWatchers points system (I'm lost without structure and this really works for me!).  So I might be adding little notes to my posts letting you know my progress if you care to read them!  Lisa xx

OK, now onto the goodies... tonight's mani!  I went for my black lace nail foil and applied it over a light, vintage pink (17's Woo Me) for a romantic French feel.  Then I wondered if a matte top coat would make the lace look more... well... lace-y, and I really quite like how the finished mani looks!

The matte top coat makes the lace foil look lovely and velvety!


Lisa xx


  1. Love the lace foil

  2. Sorry - been stalking your blog since xmas but never got round to saying something. XD So here we go...

    I have this foil in gold and white. I love it on but it was a bit of a pain to get it to transfer quite as easily as some of the foils I have. It still looked great on though!

    It amuses me greatly whenever I hear you mention of your fav stall in N.castle because I know exactly which one you mean. :P

  3. HellsBells ~ yay, another local!!! I always sidetrack to that stall when I'm in town in the hope that they have something cool in ^_^

  4. Delayed reply XD Me too, I always find myself having a good rumage there to see what's new. They have a barrow in the metrocentre too I think and one at the Galleries in Washington but Newcastle always seems to have the best mix. Am gutted I never went for the Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure - I saw it there but resisted the urge - after seeing your swatch.

    Have you tried any of Nfu.oh's flakies? They are super pretty too but so pricey.

  5. I've been to the MetroCentre one and that's where I found Hidden Treasure, but I hate going to the Metro Centre lol. I haven't, are those ones you have to order from Asia?

    And yay at finding Gemstone!! It's pretty much the same as Hidden Treasure so you won't miss out too much!

  6. "It's pretty much the same as Hidden Treasure"

    Lol I still can't help but want it. XD Thanks though.

    Nfu.oh can be ordered from the UK. Or at least they have a UK website. Lets see... ah here - pinched someones swatch of my fav top coat *_*

    So pretty and the bottles are so cute but they range from £12-15 :(

    Yer the Metrocentre is a pain to get to. I live more in Durham than anything so I've got to really commit to heading out there. :P


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