Tuesday, 21 February 2012

PCF Spring Challenge ~ Spring Clean

Diet Update ~ I have been having dreams where I semi-consciously stuff my face with chocolate, then horrifiedly remember my diet.  -_-  In real life though I'm enjoying lovely fruit snacks and being in control of what I'm eating!  Lisa xx


Today is time for the 'spring clean' mani, an out-of-season colour.  Shamefully, I bought 17's Magnetized polish in the week it came out in the Autumn... and have worn it ONCE.  Bad bad Lisa.  So for today's mani it had a spring-clean airing, and here it is:

It's lovely but I'm definitely out-of-practice with getting a strong magnet effect!

The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge is a group on Facebook where members take part in fun and varied nail art challenges! I am currently participating in the Spring Nail Art Challenge. Here are the other lovely group members and their blogs:

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Lisa xx

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  1. There looks to be a duochrome effect with this polish.


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