Tuesday, 28 February 2012

PCF Spring Challenge ~ Your Favourite Spring Lilac


Like the 'Spring pink' challenge, this was a natural choice ~ 17's Woo Me, also from their Spring Vintage collection, is one of my favourite polishes ever.  It is just lovely!

Again, this is an old pic, hence the (very, my god!) long nails.

The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge is a group on Facebook where members take part in fun and varied nail art challenges! I am currently participating in the Spring Nail Art Challenge. Here are the other lovely group members and their blogs:

The Crumpet - http://thecrumpet.blogspot.com

Purple Fairy Dust All Things Beautiful -

Manicurity - http://manicurity.blogspot.com/ and http://manicurity.tumblr.com/

PhishPosh and Polish - http://pishposhandpolish.blogspot.com/

Bee Polished - http://beepolished.blogspot.com

Obsessive Compulsive Nail Painting Disorder - http://ocnpd.blogspot.com


Happy Nails - http://happynailsuk.blogspot.com

Tales of Knit and Nails - http://ofknitandnails.blogspot.com/

The Girl with Rainbow Hands - http://rainbowhands.blogspot.com

No Junk Nail - http://NoJunkNail.blogspot.com

Only Always Soccermom - http://soccermom5982.blogspot.com

The Nail Newbie - http://nail-newbie.blogspot.com



Lisa xx

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