Sunday, 16 March 2014

Barry M ~ Rosehip


Barry M have just added 3 new pale pastels to their Gelly range in time for Spring. I bought the pink and blue shades and today I tried on the pink, named Rosehip. It looks lovely in the bottle, so feminine and delicate.

Unfortunately, application wasn't great for me. The consistency of the polish is just about right but I applied 3 coats and the finish still wasn't perfect. The Gelly range tends to be highly pigmented so I had been expecting better. The colour is also slightly brighter than in the bottle, which is a shame.

It's funny; looking at the photo I see such a beautiful colour and I immediately want to give it another chance! Maybe I had a bad first application, who knows.

I will be showing you the blue, Huckleberry, soon. I really want to love these polishes so hopefully things will go a little better next time!


Lisa xx


  1. Such a gorgeous product, I really want to get these so I'm looking forward to the other swatches from you :) xx

  2. I thought about getting this but I was worried about the formula. I might give it a miss.


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