Thursday, 6 March 2014

Black Feathers & Glitter Sandwich!


After being sent some feather water decals for review from Born Pretty Store I went back and bought a ton more for myself. They've just arrived and I now possess a zillion manicures' worth of various pretty feathers ^_^

The first decals I decided to use were the black feathers from this listing (I bought all 11 designs as the bulk price was really a steal). I also had an idea for a delicate base manicure to apply them over: I painted a coat of Sonnetarium's beautiful Snowfall glitter then topped it with 3 coats of OPI's sheer white Don't Touch My Tutu! Here it is:

God my cuticles are a state! I'm so sorry! But I'm really pleased with the feathers over that sandwich base. I can't wait to use more of the decals, but maybe I'll apply some cuticle butter first ;-)


Lisa xx

P.S. A little personal update ~ I was feeling terribly depressed yesterday but have since seen my mental health worker and have a slightly renewed sense of hope with plans for taking little steps to get better :-)

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