Friday, 23 January 2015

Pink Patchwork Manicure


I absolutely love using Instagram - it's full of inspiring manicures and it's an easy way for me to share my photos when I'm not feeling well. Today's manicure is inspired not by someone else's nails, but by a gorgeous patchwork pattern shared by flannelnails and made by her talented daughter (she also has some gorgeous manis on her account too so give her a look!).

My base colour was the vintage pastel pink Sweet Kisses by Seventeen, with an accent nail of Nails Inc's Power Pink. Onto the Power Pink I stamped some polka dots; I used sellotape to create a heart stencil for my index nail, and I did a stamping accent on my pinky nail as well. Here it is!


Lisa xx


  1. So pretty! Love your inspiration for this mani. Might have to look at patchwork for inspiration too now x

  2. Beautiful manicure! You did a great job with this!


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