Monday, 1 July 2013



I wasn't planning on posting tonight as I'm having a little dip with my depression and it always renders me exptremely unproductive... but something wonderful just happened and so I'm going to write a happy post, and then I'll go to sort out my latest polish photos to show you!

Happiness #1: Tonight I won a contest by Sally Magpie's to win the new Jade Special Glitz range - all 6 polishes! They look stunning and I can't wait to put them on and show them off to their best in the July sunshine. What makes it even happier is that I'd resigned myself to not buying any more polishes for a good long while in the hopes of coming near to getting out of my horrible bank overdraft.

Happiness #2: I just celebrated my 25th birthday last Wednesday. Aside from feeling extremely old I got some amazing polishes as presents - including the OPI James Bond Liquid Sand minis and 3 polishes from the Holographic Hussy's blog sale - two books, two Sims 2 expansion packs and two very pretty nighties from my parents ^_^

Happiness #3: I have started volunteering! It's for Mind, a mental health charity which has helped both myself and family with counselling. This is a teeny step in improving my life and doing more with my day.

Happiness #4: I am currently beating my friend Kellie in Running With Friends with a high score of 66,859!

I shall be back soon with a polish post,

Lisa xx

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