Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jade ~ Echarpe de Seda


Today I am showing you the second of the Jade Special Glitz collection I won from Sally Magpies, Echarpe de Seda (meaning Silk Scarf!). All 6 polishes in the collection consist of a colour-rich jelly packed with holographic sparkle glitter.

The best way I can think of to describe Echarpe de Seda is as entrancing pools of sparkling, blood-red jelly on your nails. It really is that beautiful. Poets could write about this polish!

It's difficult to capture the depth in a photograph but I've taken some pictures in varying lights and with flash to try and show you. I applied 3 coats for maximum richness of colour. Here it is!

Natural light:

With flash:

In low light:

I know the last pics aren't the best but I hope they give you an idea of just how deep and rich this polish is! This is looking to me like the standout polish of the Special Glitz collection but I have four more to try so I could be proven wrong!


Lisa xx

P.S. On a personal note I've had a cancer scare and am waiting to have some tests. I'm afraid and very upset but am trying to keep going. Life is too hard sometimes!

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  1. Lovely polish, whats more it shares my name!
    and on a personal note I hope your tests are all okay hun.
    Be strong x


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