Sunday, 6 October 2013

Another Sweater Manicure & Sneak Peek


I am getting the urge to just do mani after mani with my Nailz Craze Fairisle sweater stamp because it feels so perfect for the weather! This time I stamped over Jade's Vestido de Gala, a sparkly and rich purple jelly.

SO SO COSY. The only gutting thing is that I've run out of Konad's white stamping polish and I'm using Sinful Colours' white instead.

I also have a "sneak peek" of some water decals I just received from KKCenterHK to review... I'm sharing a quick photo of them beforehand because I'm so pleased with them!

Birds! Romantic birds! And given the white roses are on black paper I'm hoping they'll stay opaque over a dark Autumn colour ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. Looks beautiful same with the decals!

  2. I love this also reminds me of the Onezie lol I love my Onezies I have seen some with this similar pattern :) great post xx


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