Sunday, 27 October 2013

Valentine Love Bird Water Decals

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I have tried some more water decals from KKCenterHK! This sheet has a selection of over 60 lovely, whimsical decals centred around birds and romance.

Application was very good. The decals are all individual so you don't have to get fiddly trying to cut around them perfectly. After placing them in water for 30-50 seconds they slid off the backing paper and were ready to be placed on the nail. I used my fingers to handle them but you might want to use tweezers as I creased one by being clumsy! When on the nail they can be moved around till you get them just where you want them, then you simply press down to get them to adhere nicely.

For my manicure I used Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud as a pale background and chose a few different designs to show them off :-)

I am really, really happy with these ^_^

The selection of decals on this sheet are so great - you can have a manicure of all birds or mix and match like I did. Some of the decals are grouped together in squares and I think these might be "serving suggestions" for combinations to put on your nails. You can see all the different designs and buy the sheet here:

Once I've finished gazing at these decals I'm going to be trying out a Halloween manicure since we're getting nearer the day itself, see you soon!


Lisa xx


  1. I love water decals - these are gorgeous!

  2. These are adorable... I love the cute little birdies. And they really look like you painted those on yourself, which is always awesome! I especially love the little love birds that say "je t'aime"


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