Friday, 18 October 2013

(Unsuccessful) Interview Nails!


Warning, here is a diary entry before the manicure! Basically the past couple of days have been horrendous after I didn't get a job that I badly wanted; it was to work at the charity where I currently volunteer. It's set my illness off and I've spent most of the time in bed with no energy to move, feeling pretty suicidal. I'm hoping the way I feel won't last long and I'm posting the manicure I wore for the job interview so at least something came out of it.

The polish I chose is clearly a favourite as I have less than half the bottle left! "Care To Danse?" is a gorgeous lilac-tinted sheer by OPI that gives a flawless look with a teeny bit of a unique edge thanks to the colour - perfect for an interview. Here are 2 coats:

So soft and lovely ^_^

Hopefully I'll post again soon, fingers crossed things start feeling a bit better.


Lisa xx


  1. Oh, sorry you didn't get the job and are feeling rough. Pretty manicure, it looks clean and professional.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure the right job is just round the corner for you, in the meantime make sure you take care of you. xxx

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon :) x

  4. Try and be kind to yourself, hope you feel a little more human soon :)

  5. Thank you so much all for the lovely comments xx I've been to the doctor and am getting the right support, helplines to call if I'm in trouble etc. I will try to keep painting and blogging as usual and hopefully this will help! xx


Thank you so much for reading! I love hearing from fellow polish addicts so comments are most appreciated. Just to let you know that I am unwell some of the time but will try my best to reply xx