Monday, 22 August 2011

17 by Boots Pictacular!


As I said in my first post, the polish brand I have most of is 17 by Boots. Their Fast Finish and Lasting Fix ranges are £2.99 each and they have a great variety of pretty colours! So, this post will be showcasing a few photos of my collection - enjoy!

Peacock (LOVE this shade, turquoise with a green shimmer):

Chaperone (again, love it - looks great with a subtle top coat of glitter):

Midnight Sapphire:

Caribbean Coral:

Ruby Gem (a REALLY nice, rich crimson):

Woo Me (index and ring fingers ~ my favourite colour ever!!) and Heart Beat (thumb, middle, pinky):

Royal Indigo (fantastic colour but a little 'demure' for me, doesn't suit me too well):

(click photos for full size)

The vast majority of my 17 polishes are wonderful, but I have to say that I own a couple where the formula seems to be a bit off and is streaky or gloopy when applied. Those polishes are Bolt From The Blue, Nightshade and Mini Skirt - has anyone else found this? I'm not sure if it's a problem with the entire shade or if I just got a bad bottle :-/ In any case this is still one of my favourite brands, mainly because you can get great, vibrant new colours for a cheap price.

I'm wearing Mini Skirt right now, paired with Andrea Fulerton's Gemstone Overcoat (again!). Mini Skirt isn't really a polish I'd want to wear on its own for the above reason, but fortunately the flaky glitter looks beautiful over it. Here we are:

On its own (2 coats)...

... and with the Gemstone Overcoat!

*wiggles nails to gaze at the shimmer*

More posts and pics to come soon, thanks for looking!

Lisa xx

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  1. Oh God, these are so gorgeous. I was living in the UK for six months this year and I never bought 17 polish, I always ended up buying 17 lipstick and eyeliner! Really kicking myself for that now.

    I love Chaperone in particular, and Midnight Sapphire! So pretty. I miss Boots! :D

    Lucy xx


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