Friday, 19 August 2011

Andrea Fulerton ~ Gemstone Overcoat

Bonjour à tous!

Well, I had a wonderful day today. I met my lovely friend Carl and we caught up over coffee and a bottle of rosé wine in a French-speaking café, followed by chestnut crêpes at the continental market which happens to be visiting Newcastle city centre right now.

We also wandered the high street, and in Superdrug I was drawn to the Andrea Fulerton nail polish stand like a kid to a sweet shop. The brand seems to specialise in nail art and funky manicures, so there were lots of unique polishes to lust over. I couldn't resist buying the 'French Bright White & Crème' set for £7.99 (review to come); I've been wanting a French manicure set for ages and this one looked perfect.

But what really got me squealing was the 'Gemstone Overcoat'. It is a flaky glitter!!! I have seen flakies on my US friends' blogs but had never spotted them over here. It cost £4.99, which is pretty much my ideal price for a 'special' polish.

(click on photo for full size)

Each nail is topped with one coat of Gemstone Overcoat. As you can see, the glitter flakes have a warm sunset glow and apply quite densely. For comparison I tried it over a bright coral, a classic black, a shimmer turquoise and by itself.

The combination I like best is over black; the flakes look like glowing embers, very dramatic and pretty! I had hoped for a magical mermaid look over the turquoise and didn't get the exact effect I wanted, but I think it would look a lot better with a thinner, more sparse coat of the glitter. I think it would go well over a subtle pink shimmer as well.

Overall I'd say that this is a great buy; I will definitely be using it a lot to spice up my painted nails. Like the Glitter Gal holo in my previous post, it makes a great addition to a sparkle addict's collection - something a little bit different and special. It puts a smile on my face at least!

A bientôt,

Lisa xx

Polish by Andrea Fulerton at Superdrug

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