Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Accent Nail ~ Rhubarb and Custard!

Back again with some short-nail polishing!

I personally am a big fan of accent nails - some combos do look like their owners painted their nails in the dark (am really setting myself up for criticism with that one!!!), but I think a bit of nail art or a strikingly different complementary colour on one or two fingers looks just lovely.  Also, I'm a bit of a lame sentimental girl and I like to have something different on my ring finger to remind me of my boyfriend.

Tonight I decided to try out a colour combination I've had in mind for ages now: bright, sparkling pink glitter with a light yellow creme.  Rhubarb and Custard!

The original idea I had was all nails the same, a yellow base with a slanted tip of pink glitter - but since they are really bold colours and I have no sense of style or taste, I decided to keep the glitter to my ring finger.

The polishes I used for this was the yellow from Claire's mini pastel set and a seemingly nameless pink glitter, also by Claire's:

Aaaand, here is the mani:

With flash:

And a blurred shot, just because the sparkle looks dreamy:

I'm wearing 4 coats of yellow and 3 coats of pink glitter, with a single-coat base of pastel pink just to make sure the colour was solid.

It's unfortunate but I think the yellow is the 'dud' of the Claire's pastel set; 4 coats and it's still a touch streaky, plus the polish doesn't dry very well - one false move and I'm positive it'll chip.  I always drool over the Model's Own stand in Boots and consider buying their pastel yellow, but am never sure that I'd use it enough, especially to justify the £5 price tag.  The Claire's pink glitter, however, is just yummy - packed with sparkle and attitude!  I think it only cost £1.50 as well, bargain.

So, what do you think - cute combo or a mani too far?

Lisa xx

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