Saturday, 20 August 2011

Gemstone Overcoat with Boots Natural Collection's Sugar Mouse

Hello again!

Following yesterday's post, I wanted to try Andrea Fulerton's Gemstone Overcoat over a light shimmer. Sugar Mouse has a warm glow to it not unlike the flaky glitter in Gemstone, so I decided to try it with that. Here is Sugar Mouse before adding the Gemstone Overcoat...

I bought Sugar Mouse a while ago at Boots for the bargain price of £1.89. Unfortunately, despite its beauty it doesn't get used very much as I tend to go for more noticeable manis. It is quite a transparent polish so expect lots of VNL; I'm wearing 2 coats in this pic. The colour is a pearly white shimmer with a little bit of a warm pink/orange glow to it. Its name really does make a fitting description - sweet, innocent and sugary.

Then I added a coat of Gemstone Overcoat...

Close-up to better see the flakes...

Almost forgot a picture with the bottle of Sugar Mouse ;-)

(click on photos for full size)

I was right: the glow of Sugar Mouse and the flaky glitter have the same warmth, so the flakes blend into the polish giving a subtle look. It adds that little extra sparkle to the Sugar Mouse :-)

The only problem I have with the Gemstone Overcoat is that from some angles it looks a little gritty and uneven over the shimmer polish, even though the finish is completely smooth. I would definitely pair it with black polish if I wanted a stronger look, but the subtle pairing has its merits too.

Time to grab something to eat, see you soon!

Lisa xx

'Sugar Mouse' by Boots Natural Collection
'Gemstone Overcoat' by Andrea Fulerton at Superdrug


  1. What a pretty bottle with the daisy petals. I adore daisies. It's so much fun reading your blog and seeing so many polishes/brands I am unfamiliar with. You're doing an AWESOME job! xoxo

  2. Awwww Kari thanks so much for your comments! I wish this glitter had looked better over the Sugar Mouse but am still so happy and excited to be posting polish pics ^_^ xxxxx


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