Sunday, 21 August 2011

La Femme Beauty's Lilac Cream and Miss Sporty's Metallic Crystal

Hello there!

Now, as I continue to post it will become increasingly clear that I suffer badly from Can't-Leave-It-Alone Syndrome. I always want to add a little extra something to my manis. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is very very bad. In case of the latter I will always post separate pics of my lovely polishes before I put them together on my nails!!

Today I'm quite happy with my mixing and matching, however. I have topped La Femme Beauty's Lilac Cream with a layer of Miss Sporty's Metallic Planet. Here we go...

(click on photos for full size)

La Femme Beauty is a brand you're most likely to find in discount stores and on market stalls. Indeed, I found this for £1.50 in my local market but I've seen it stocked in loads of places. For a 'cheap' brand the polish actually applies very well: it goes on smoothly and is opaque in 2 coats. The colour is a lilac crème leaning towards a reddish hue.

Miss Sporty coming up:

I bought Miss Sporty's Metallic Crystal at Superdrug while they were doing a 3 for 2 promotion (normally £1.99 each). It is part of their Quick Dry Clubbing Colours range. It is a metallic, futuristic silver. I LOVE this polish! It is very transparent though: the first pic shows 1 coat, the second shows full opacity at 4 coats.

Because of its transparency, I thought Metallic Crystal would make a nice polish for layering - and Lilac Cream seemed a good potential match. Here it is...

Well, I like it personally! You get the space-age shimmery finish of Metallic Crystal with the romantic Lilac Cream glowing through. What do you lovely polishers think?

Shimmery lilac hugs,

Lisa xx


  1. Very pretty, wish we had those brands here in the US! And your nails are lovely on their own! So long.

  2. Awww thank you! I must have drunk a lot of milk as a child because my nails grow very strong and long, lol ^_^


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