Monday, 5 March 2012

I really, really never meant for this to happen...


...I fainted, OK?!  I had to have tests done at the hospital, I fainted during them, and afterwards, instead of following Mr Doctor's advice and getting a taxi straight home to rest up, I thought "Ooh, I need some fruit, and I'll have a look around the shops while I'm at it!".

So in my giddy state I took advantage of Boot's '2 Revlons for £10' and '£1 off 2 Barry M polishes' offers, my cheapy market stall, and Poundland (They had some really good Revlons in there for a quid!  Key word: 'had'.  I have them now.).

Forgive me ô God of Overdrafts, I was poorly.


Lisa xx


  1. in fairness they are really nice :P could you post a swatch of the Miss sporty one? looks very pretty in the bottle

  2. :-D The Miss Sporty polish is actually just a 'vitamin cocktail', I've bought it before and used it as a base coat.

  3. oh right! i thought it was "Glossy tech".
    we don't have it in our boots. (i checked today :P)
    shame because i need a good cheap base coat

  4. HAHA!! You're such a 'nana brain Miss Lisa!!!


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