Friday, 9 March 2012

A little weight loss update...

...and more polish pics coming soon, I promise!

This is just a little post to say that I lost 1lb this week, which I am actually really pleased about since I caved and ordered a takeaway on Tuesday.  Pizza, kebab, chips... eek.  I didn't even enjoy it that much and felt horrible afterwards, so there's a lesson learnt.  Here's hoping I stick to the diet from now on and continue to lose weight!

Thank you for reading,

Lisa xx


  1. Good luck! I did exactly the same! I managed 2 weeks and then epically fell off the wagon. :( And never managed to get back on. le sigh! It's so hard to be strong when being bad can be so good!

    Worth mentioning - if you're near a Tescos they have started doing their own make of varnishes in their TU range for £3 and they look pretty good. ^_^ just saw them today. I caved and bought 3 ¬_¬ despite banning myself for buying any more this month!

  2. keep it up! i am also on the weight loss hamster wheel and it sucks. i haven't lost anything yet and i had to cancel my gym membership cuz i can't afford it anymore. but i'm trekking on! nothing can stop us!

  3. Aww thanks for the support girls!! It is really hard, and much harder when I'm alone without my hubby to dissuade me from buying naughty takeaways!

    And ooooooooh at Tesco nail polishes ~ my nearest Tesco is being expanded so their product range at the moment is crap, but hopefully once they're done they'll have the polishes brought in!!!


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