Monday, 26 March 2012

Pinspiration ~ Glitter Gradient


Are any of you guys on Pinterest? I joined recently and have been happily pinning away all things funny, pretty and polishy. The great thing about the site is finding fab mani ideas.  The not-so-great thing is that none of my attempts turn out like the originals!  I created a board for Nail Inspiration so will be posting here with my copycat efforts ~ absolutely all credit goes to the original polishers, click on the first pic in the post for the original pin!

Here is my first Pinterest attempt: a glitter gradient done over a shimmer purple base, then matted.  This is the inspiring pic:

Aaand, here is my copycat mani:

I think my biggest problem is that I didn't use a vibrant enough purple ~ I though OPI's Ink would look great but I needed something lighter, and as a result my mani looks quite sludgy.  The glitter I used, Barry M's Pink Iridescent, was great though!


Lisa xx

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