Wednesday, 27 June 2012

...and look what came in the post...


The Sweets Way polish from the Nail Inc. Sprinkles collection is one I really, really wanted. The rest? 5 for £15. That is not a misprint. And they are beautiful polishes, I have no idea why they felt the need to sell them off so cheaply. Sorry for the poor quality pic, apart from the slightly duochrome caramelly foil in the bottom centre they are extremely fine glitters, almost molten. I can't wait to try them! For the meantime I had to choose Sweets Way as a belated birthday manicure; what polish could be more fitting? Here it is in 3 coats:


Lisa xx


  1. where did you buy them from? :O

  2. From the Nails Inc website, unfortunately it was a 1 day only offer xx

  3. Wish I'd gone for the nails inc offer when I saw it. :( But I did go for the mystery pic and mix from earlier in the month which are all fab! I got topping lane sprinkles though which I love. It's like Deborah Lippmans Candyshop. *_* but with smaller glitters. But seeing your pic of sweets way makes me wish I'd gone for it too.

  4. I love these new Nails Inc glitters! Fab!


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