Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rainbow Week ~ Yellow


Firstly, today is my birthday :) It's a day of mixed feelings as it's hard to get through with my depression being so bad, but I did get some lovely presents including lots of nail polishes! I will post a pic of them later.

And here is my choice for my favourite Yellow polish... I would have went for a creme, but having to apply a ton of coats for an even colour makes it rank a little lower! So instead I chose 17's Mellow Yellow, a bright sunny shimmer. Here are 3 coats:

Like buttercups!

I also noticed yesterday that 4 of my 7 rainbow favourites are by Boots 17! A favourite brand seems to have emerged...


Lisa xx


  1. I was interested to see the yellows today! Love this one:)

  2. Shimmery yellows are so pretty. Nice choice. :) Happy Birthday, too! I hope you're feeling better. <3

  3. Happy Birthday,sweetie!

    lovely choice of yellow!
    so nice!

  4. Ohhh this is sooo pretty! Unfortunately this kind of colour look awful on me :(

  5. Thanks so much for the well wishes! Yellow is such a hard colour to pull off Simona, I'd only really want to wear it on a super-sunny day!


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