Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lisa's Birthday Haul :-)


As promised, here is a pic of all my birthday presents! I feel very lucky :)

I've used the Skin Therapy hand and nail cream twice already and it's really good! It makes my skin feel so soft.

The Bundle Monster stamping plates actually arrived on my birthday, so it was great luck and a lovely surprise. I have the BM01-25 set already, and it does have various designs that I love using, but this new set has SO MANY good ones. I don't even know where to start because it has so many I want to use!

My mam picked out the two Maybelline polishes for me ^_^ I'm going to try out the green one today.

The rest of the polishes I picked out myself! There's a blood red Essie, one of the new colour-changing Barry M's and their promotional retro blue polish. The MeMeMe polishes were a Groupon deal (£18 for £45 worth of products, you can't go far wrong there) and I used the opportunity to pick some colours that I don't already have in my collection.

Rainbow Week post coming up soon, today is green!


Lisa xx


  1. Ooh looks great! Happy Birthday!

  2. I love the boots nail polish remover :) it's my favourite!

  3. Wow, not a bad deal for the Me Me Me polishes! Lovely haul, Happy belated Birthday! xxx

  4. Nice haul, Lisa! And happy birthday! :-)

    ~ Yun


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