Friday, 22 June 2012

Update and a Mani!


In my last blog post I explained that I have been dealing with a bad period of depression, which is why I haven't been posting new manis. Thank you so much to the people who commented wishing me well! I have just started taking a new antidepressant, which will take a few weeks to start working. My university has e-mailed me to let me know that I can get a 3rd class Honours degree provided I pass my upcoming essays. It is a shame that I can't obtain a higher classification but I am proud of what I have achieved despite my ongoing problems, and plan to do the very best I can with the essays.

With regards to nail polish, the lovely Bec from Lacquer Dreams has come up with the idea of a rainbow challenge ~ posting your favourite polish of each colour of the rainbow over 7 days! The challenge starts on Sunday and I thought this would be the perfect way to ease myself back into blogging. I look forward to participating and seeing everyone else's favourites!

And for now, I can happily show you what is currently on my nails: some of my favourite flower stickers placed as accents over 17's Woo Me :-)

Lots of hugs,

Lisa xx


Thank you so much for reading! I love hearing from fellow polish addicts so comments are most appreciated. Just to let you know that I am unwell some of the time but will try my best to reply xx