Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rainbow Week ~ Blue


Today is "blue" day of Rainbow Week, and my choice is Stand Back! by Boots No7. It is the brightest, richest, most cheerful blue ever! And it's great for stamping too as it's pigment-rich. I have all but used up my bottle and will be rushing out to buy a new one when the next Boots vouchers come out ^_^

Here are 2 coats:


Lisa xx


  1. That is a really pretty blue! Looks great on you!

  2. It looks so pretty and creamy. Love it.

  3. Very pretty! Is this the first bottle you've used up? ;)

  4. Oh, this is really pretty! So awesome that you can use it to stamp with, too!

  5. This is a gorgeous colour! Boots is a UK brand/drugstore, right?

  6. Thank you everyone! Yes, Boots is a UK drugstore and it's really great ~ it's own-brands are fab pluus they stock Model's Own, Barry M, Essie, Revlon... :-D

    This is my first bottle of Stand Back! yes, and it will not be the last! xxx


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