Friday, 27 September 2013

Barry M Gold Dust ~ Superdrug Limited Edition Autumn/Winter 2013


Yesterday I finished work early and, as the shops were still open, I was a bad bad Lisa and went into Superdrug to check out the new Barry Ms. I ended up leaving with two: one of the new matte shades called Vanilla, and a bar glitter which bore no name other than Superdrug Limited Edition and the code F 334, which I am now informed is called Gold Dust!

Gold Dust is made up of long, thin bar glitter in copper and gold colours. It cost £3.99 and looked so Autumnal I just could not resist. To show it to you I layered it over Vanilla (separate review to come!). On my pinky and ring finger is one coat, and on my middle and index finger are two. This is without top coat:

I know that people have mixed feelings over hairy glitter but this is so seasonal and I love it!!! Personally I find that two coats are perfect and add Autumnal sparkle whilst looking chic and trendy.

Application was smooth and the glitter distributed evenly over two coats. I had to push back the strands that were hanging over the edge of my nails but that's just what comes with the glitter type. After taking this photo I added top coat, and indeed one coat of Seche Vite sufficed to get a smooth finish - no glitter sticking up.

There is also a pink limited edition polish but I didn't see it in my branch of Superdrug. What do you think? Will you be going for either?


Lisa xx


  1. ooOOooo I actually like that! :D

  2. The colour is lovely, but I can't stand hairy polish. *shudder*

  3. still deciding whether i like it! i do like the colour

  4. I have the pink one and its amazing its super glittery and very celebration type colour I paired my with Barry m gelly - lavenderish colour I think its pickle pear but the label pealed off x


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