Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I Lily Love Blue


This is the manicure I had on yesterday. I painted on a single coat of Barry M's rich, deep Blackberry then topped it with a coat of I Lily Love you by OPI for some lovely colourful glitter flakes! I was very happy to get ILLY back out; even though it was part of a Spring collection I feel it's great for adding a bit of sparkle to a deeper colour.

I was very worried that I would get a lot of staining upon removing this manicure because pigmented blues are often the worst culprits. So I used 2 layers of base coat and, before removal, I covered my cuticles in cuticle butter to stop my skin being stained - and it worked! Not a hint of leftover blue here.


Lisa xx


  1. Looks lovely with the OPI on top :) good tip for not getting staining though, I will have to remember it!

  2. That glitter polish is gorgeous! It looks great on top of that deep blue color!


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