Friday, 20 September 2013

Pink Rose Flower Water Decals

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I am wearing a feminine manicure featuring these Pink Rose water decals from KKCenterhk. As I've said before, water decals are one of my favourite nail art products and these ones in particular are lovely. I waited until I'd cut my nails to try them as they are a good size for short nails.

The sheet contains 28 individual decals; to apply I just cut around the ones I wanted, dipped them in water for about 30-50 seconds then gave them a quick dab dry with some tissue paper. They then slid off the backing paper and were free to be moved around and positioned before I was happy and pressed them down onto the nail. They were a bit fiddly to keep hold of sometimes but I got them onto my nails!

For my base colour I used OPI's My Vampire is Buff, one of my favourite base colours for decals, stamping and things! I applied a different rose decal to each nail and here is the finished manicure:

*sigh* Roses make the best manicures!

You can buy the water decals from KKCenterhk's massive selection here:

N.NAIL Pink Rose Flower Nail Water Decals-WDHHY076

...and if you do place an order you can get 10% off with the code GEORDIENAILS :-)

Rosy hugs,

Lisa xx


  1. Pretty - I've got some very similar decals from a UK seller. I must try them out soon!

  2. Do it! :-D I have an envelope full of decals and I wonder why I haven't worn more of them yet because they're the best thing since sliced bread! xx


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