Saturday, 28 September 2013

Barry M ~ Vanilla


Yesterday I showed you the first of my Barry M purchases and here I have the second! Vanilla is part of Barry M's new collection of matte polishes. I was drawn to its pinkish-neutral hue; it looked just feminine enough and very chic for Autumn.

I actually ended up applying Vanilla twice; the first time was a disaster but the colour was so nice I gave it another chance. I learnt that you have to be neat when applying it because the matte finish shows up any messy brushstrokes. You also have to be careful to apply the polish thinly - the first time I went too thick, it didn't dry properly and I ended up with a big smudge on my ring finger! All said, here it is (the first attempt, sorry!):

If you're a neat polisher with a bit of patience I do recommend this polish as the colour is truly lovely and the matte finish looks good if you get it right. However you can see above what can happen when you're not neat, or in a hurry - visible brushstrokes that don't look great.


Lisa xx


  1. Nice polish but sounds a bit tricky to get a nice application :/

  2. It is, sadly! I'd only truly recommend it if you're a really neat polisher (which I am not!).


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