Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Little Haul!


Yesterday I went into town to print off my CV for a job interview (eek!), and while I was there I was very naughty and treated myself to a few goodies!

Firstly I went to Superdrug, where for the first time I saw one lone bottle of Gosh's Holographic Hero! People are saying that it's not as good as the original one, but seeing a holo polish on the British high street was too great a temptation to resist! Also, I was delighted to see Barry M's new Gelly collection and two of their new Jewel glitter polishes on display. I chose the Pomegranate Gelly polish (but will probably go back for more) and the two glitters, which were Rose Quartz and Gold Mine. There was an offer on Barry M where you receive a free crackle polish with a £6 purchase, so I chose the purple one ~ honestly I don't use crackles anymore but will try it out, and if it's not for me I will try to find it a happy home ^_^

Next, I had a quick rummage through my trusty local cosmetics stall, and found two bottles of Sally Hansen that caught my eye. The HD polish is called Blu and the Salon Manicure one is Navy Baby, which has a beautiful shimmer in the bottle. I also bought a cuticle remover gel as I am desperately trying to improve the condition of my nails.

And finally I popped into Lush to look for the product that everyone's been talking about, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter! Already I can tell you that the scent is heavenly. I am going to try my best to be consistent and apply this 2-3 times a day, and I'll let you know if it helps!


Lisa xx


  1. I only heard about Barry m gold mine today. It looks really pretty!

  2. I love Lushs Lemon cuticle butter!


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