Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mini Haul!


For a while now I've been on a strict no-buy, having decided that I absolutely do not need to buy any more nail polish ever, no matter how enticing it may be, as I have enough in my collection to give manicures to a small country. But I've been feeling a bit rubbish so decided to have a wander up to my local cosmetics stall in Eldon Square to see if there were any bargains to be had!

The top row of polishes came to a grand total of £8.95. First is Lavender Cloud by Sally Hansen, because I am an absolute sucker for creamy shades! Second is Nude Shimmer, also by Sally Hansen. This looks so, so pretty and I was very happy to find it ~ the "Diamond Strength" polishes that end up on the stall tend to be more old-fashioned. Third is White on White by Revlon, because I'm always using white polishes till they go gloopy on me. Fourth is an unnamed polish by Miss Sporty ~ on the stall it looked a shocking pink but in the light of my bedroom it seems to lean towards orange! And finally, we have Pink Pearl by W7. I don't know if I'll be disappointed by this one, but it looks like it might be incredible layered over a solid pink. We shall see!

The top coats were from Superdrug and considerably more expensive! I've lost my original matte top coat by Rimmel in the landfill of my bedroom, so had to shell out for another. As for the No Chip, I'm still looking for my perfect top coat! I want a wide brush, not too thick polish, no tipwear and doesn't smudge my stamping. Let's see if good old Sally Hansen has the answer :-)

I know I've kept posting saying I'll try to blog more, it's been really hard. I'm going through a terrible time with my depression. But this time I am promising to try on the above polishes and show them to you!


Lisa, Geordie Nails xx

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  1. I need to have a good ratch through that stall. It has been too busy for me recently but that's probably cos of the school holidays. :)


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