Monday, 26 August 2013

Boots 17 ~ Cameo Crush


Yesterday I stopped by Boots to get some bits and bobs, and while I was there I decided to check to see if 17 had any new polishes. At either end of the display they were showing off some shimmering textures and I instantly fell in love with the turquoise! It's called Cameo Crush and I paid a sale price of £2.99 (a pound off). Here are two coats:

This polish gets a joyous 10/10 from me! Amidst the turquoise it has a silver-green mermaid shimmer which shows up beautifully in the flesh as you move your fingers, and the texture is like crushed gems. It's the ocean and mermaids captured in a nail polish with a touch of vintage style.

It makes me really happy to see a cheap UK drugstore brand take on the very hit-and-miss textured trend and get it so right. I'm proud of Boots!


Lisa xx

P.S. Here is a bonus photo of my cat who very kindly let me disturb her chillaxing while I found some light to photograph my nails ^_^


  1. That is lovely, I've seen them but not taken the plunge yet. I was also eying up the white one as I think its probably a good dupe for the OPI Bond Girls one

  2. I was litterally looking at one of the OPI Bond Girls ones today in that shade! It's so pretty, I've never seen any of the Seventeen ones before! :O I'm gonna keep an eye out next time I'm in town =)


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