Wednesday, 14 August 2013

MoYou Pro 07 ~ Blossom Tree Manicure


This is my third time using my new MoYou Pro 07 stamping plate (see the rest here). For this manicure I chose the blossom tree pattern and decided to go for a bright and modern look, stamping in silver over Models Own's neon Pukka Purple. Here it is!

This image stamped very well and clearly so I am happy! :-)


Lisa xx


  1. Oh by the by, did you order any other plates form them? I got a couple of mine just today, fingers crossed they work ok!

  2. I only ordered this one plate. I do very much like it, although the one bad image and shipping issues will make me think twice and definitely check other bloggers' manicure before I buy from MoYou again :-) xx


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